we are a leader in internet marketing and online media. Our projects are built utilizing technology, mobility, architecture and other proprietary media.

Founded in 2009, our company has always prided itself on growth. Since 2009 we've engineered or been associated with over 40 digital media projects. Our company prides itself on our technology and engineering architecture philosophies, which are included in every project we're involved with from planning to execution.

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    Technology, mobility, and architecture. Every idea we incorporate our brand into starts with those three concepts.
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    After we've put together a general overview, we begin engineering the final plan and our customer satisfaction process takes over.
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    Eighth Gear's programming team designs art, not code. Every project we output is designed for speed, flexibility, and customization.
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    After final review, we release our creation. Where design, development, and marketing all meet to deliver a world changing product.
Eighth Gear isn't quite like the rest. Instead of focusing on profit we focus on customers, results, and quality.

In a world drive by dollar signs, we figured we'll do things differently. Serve first, sell second. Adopting this policy revolutionized our small, barely operational company into a successful business with over 20,000 customers in under 3 years.

As we continue to expand our array of projects and acquisitions, Eighth Gear will continue to uphold our three core concepts. Technology, mobility, and architecture. These three core concepts allow us to set ourselves apart from our competitors. On top of that while most are focused on a return on investment and overall profit, we find focusing on the user experience, customer service, and personal touch gives us an added edge. In such a "dog eats dog" business world, any advantage big or small can be the defining factor of success or failure.

Eighth Gear focuses on building and acquiring - only - the best talent, projects, solutions and other awesome digital media.
We keep things extra serious here at Eighth Gear. So serious, in fact we've started tracking some statistics...
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    coffee cups per day A cup a day (or 7?) keeps the doctor away?

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    trees saved per day We have 1 printer in our office, and 60% of the time it's broken.

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    minutes late per day 9-5 isn't a policy our team's culture likes. It's more like 9-10:15ish...

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    selfies made per day Selfies don't fit into office policy. There hasn't been a selfie incident in 61 days and counting.

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    emails sent per day We keep business communication to email & instead chat face to face or via live messenger.

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    music hours per day Music is what makes everything better. All day, everyday. Period.

Based out of beautiful Tampa Bay Florida, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning (we're huge hockey fans). We're always around to answer questions or reply to messages, just use the contact form below!

To contact us via mail, please use the address below.

10312 Bloomingdale Ave.
STE #108 PMB #321
Riverview, FL 33578
United State of America

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.eighthgear.com